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Single-Use Bioreactor

Short Description:

With the development of biopharmaceutical industry, bioreactors are increasingly used in upstream biopharmaceutical process, including antibodies, vaccines, cells, and gene therapy. bioreactor is an advanced single-use bioprocess platform providing upstream process solutions to support process development and scale-up. Its hardware, software, and consumables offer superior performance to meet R & D, pilot-scale, clinical application, and commercial production requirements.system can be operated flexibly and controlled precisely. The system is customizable according to the actual process requirements of customers.



√ Scale up range of 50 L - 2000 L, and customizable to meet different process requirements.

√ Applicable to CHO, 293, SF-9 and other cell cultivation processes.

√ High performance hardware configuration, modular design, enhanced data security and integrity, and stable system run.

√ Consumables can be customized, such as the single-use bioreactor bags made with proprietary single-use biopharm film.

√ Dual databases, three-level authorization, audit trail, and supporting communication with third-party system.

√ cell cultivation technology and bacterial culture.

Product Description