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cell bioreactors (glass)

cell bioreactor (glass)

0.5 lit Conjoined cell bioreactor (Magnetic Drive) BLBIO-0.5GCC-2


5 lit 20 lit cell bioreactor (Magnetic Drive) BLBIO-5GJC-10GJC

20 liters  cell bioreactor  BLBIO-20GJC-2*3

40 liters  cell bioreactor  BLBIO-40GJC-2-4

30 liters  cell bioreactor  BLBIO-30GJC

40 liters cell bioreactor (glass) BLBIO-40GJC-2-A



Bailun offers glass autoclavable bioreactors for cell culture applications and glass autoclavable fermentors for microbial culture applications. The systems are built according to the specific demands of a process using an extensive array of standard components. Because of the modularity and flexibility, the user can always adapt the systems to changed process demands. This results in low initial investment and low running costs. The stirred tank reactor is the most widely used bioreactor type. Glass autoclavable bioreactors and fermentors are available in 1 - 2 - 3 - 4-5 - 7-10 - 15-20-30 and 40 liter total volume.

Specially designed dished-base for enhanced mixing
gas flow/mixing plate for efficient gas introduction and automatic mixing
Dedicated flow meters for O2, N2, CO2 and air
Wide range of impellor types and sizes
Gas sparging through media, into the head space, or both
Lower speed range for mixing all types of cells
New cylindrical cintered sparge for excellent gas transfer.